Call Him “The Republican President”


Beginning today and at every opportunity we must refer to Trump as “The Republican President“.

He most surely is: Republican extremist rhetoric, pervasive propaganda and their successful efforts at gerrymandering, dirty tricks and voter suppression created the opening Trump walked through. Republican leaders supported him during the campaign and continue to defend him. Trump in not an anomaly, he is a result and they may attempt to cut bait and take Pence at any moment. 

There is the very real probability that Trump will, at any moment, say or do something so ill-conceived and dangerous that citizens will demand his head on a platter. 

At that moment, Republican leaders will feel they have no choice but to distance themselves from their President and his actions. Their message will be that “We’re not like him”. This gives them the opportunity to jettison him while preserving their extremist worldview in the minds of voters. We cannot allow any daylight between Republicans and their President. By continuously associating Trump and the Republicans, we set the stage for Republicans to rightfully go down with the Frankenstein monster they, themselves created.

We then have an opening to provide an alternative. To do that we’ll need to be prepared to communicate our alternative worldview effectively -and that’s what the Pocket Progressive attempts to change!