volunteersThe Pocket Progressive is meant to be a practical guide to the work of politics for everyday activists and campaign staff. It’s also very much for candidates who are not going to plunk down 50 grand on a fancy campaign consultant. We are not altogether sure that the consultants are on top of things anyway: with the right so far off the deep end and getting deeper all the time, how is it that our worldview is not the standout favorite it once was? Something’s not working.

In addition to practical guides for volunteering, organizing and campaigning, a major focus of our effort concerns cognitive science, specifically framing – a persuasive and proven way to communicate based on the way the brain actually works. (Ironically for people so hostile to science, conservatives use framing all the time)! Framing is both strategic, setting the foundation for our candidates’ messages and tactical, with application in any election.

Let’s work together to make science based voter communication a part of our activist culture and make progressive values dominant once again!


George F. Greene