Our Connections Lab offers workshops, local discussion groups, links and downloads to build the skill of effective framing and messaging for progressive organizations.

Building on the work of linguist and cognitive scientist George Lakoff, we explore the science that reveals how the brain really works. You’ll learn to create well framed messages based in that science through our Stop, Drop and Roll method:

  • Stop and analyse what’s going on, be aware of what the opposition says (so we stay out of their frames!), find the real issue (it may not be what conservatives say it is) and select a core liberal value that applies.
  • Drop the things we do that are not effective. Drop the oppositions’ words and frames. Drop fact flinging, debunking and the urge to respond to everything conservatives say, not because these things are unimportant, but that they are not effective.
  • Roll with a well framed message based solidly in our values.


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To book a workshop contact George: george at goconnectionslab dot org